David Wynn Jones

David Wynn Jones is a modest man so he would never say what Simon would say about him which is that he is probably the best food photographer in the world and that’s just where it starts. The essence of David Wynn Jones is that he truly is a Director not just a cameraman. His ability to communicate is as vital an ingredient in David’s success as his technical superlative ability.

Clients are re-assured from the beginning of the pre-production process to the end of the edit by David’s strong experienced guiding hand. His strength doesn’t just lie in what he knows and says, it’s how he listens and reacts.

He is also faster than most other food photographers which on the surface might seem strange because of the high quality at which he operates. It’s his experience that creates the speed. It’s a cliché but it’s true. It might only take David two hours to do something but it has taken him a lifetime to get that good.

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