Terence Stevens Prior

Terence Stevens Prior was born in New Zealand and began working as an agency art director in 1984. He travelled extensively before moving to London in 1989 to work at BBDO and hasn’t made it home yet.

Terence went on to become Creative Director of Saatchi and Saatchi in Copenhagen before moving back to the UK to work at the Leith Agency becoming a permanent resident of the United Kingdom.

Throughout his career Terence has won numerous awards for his work including several Lions at the Cannes Advertising Festival and BTA nominations.

He started directing full time in 1996 and has never looked back.

He is represented in the UK for commercials by Mustard in London. He also works through several production companies abroad and is represented in the United States, Europe and Australasia.

Terence started Directing in 1996 and has worked on campaigns for Physio Sport, FA deodorant, Covent Garden Soup Company and Safex.

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