Film Production in Scotland and the Latest COVID-19 Regulations

As the New Year begins, MTP are continuing to create and be creative during these challenging times. In line with new government regulations, film production and MTP remains open for business and we look forward to finding solutions so that we may continue to work alongside our clients to create content we’re proud of. To ensure that all our productions are as safe as they possibly can be, we are working in conjunction with Scottish government guidance. What does this guidance mean for film production in Scotland? We’ve included it below – we hope it helps.

From midnight on Tuesday 5 January 2021 the Scottish government implemented an additional tightening of restrictions in Level 4 areas in mainland Scotland and Skye, while The Isles currently remain under Level 3 restrictions. These levels are due to be reviewed weekly.

These new measures make it a legal requirement to remain at home, excluding essential purposes, with travel in and out of Scotland prohibited unless for exceptional circumstances found on the Scottish Government website.

The Scottish Government has announced that under these further restrictions, where production work cannot be completed from home, work can continue outside the home. Film and television production ‘can continue operating at all levels […] with the minimum number of people needed to operate safely and effectively and in compliance with all relevant Scottish Government and industry safe working guidance’.

The APA further announced that ‘recces and productions, in studios or on locations, and such other aspects of the production process that cannot be performed at home continue to be permitted’.

The Scottish Government has recommended that any business planning a production should first consult the Strategic Framework and protective level assigned to the area where the work will take place. Further information can also be found at Screen Scotland.

The British Film Commission has published guidance on safely producing film and high-end TV drama in the UK. The Scottish Government has also recommended consulting the UK TV industry’s guidance for domestic television production and its protocols on working in close contact cohorts. All guidance should be evaluated alongside the latest Scottish Government public health and fair work principles guidance.

In the meantime, we wish you all a very safe start to the New Year and we look forward to chatting soon - we miss you!