MTP's Top Five Climate Campaigns

To mark the final day of COP26, MTP is flicking through the archives to revisit the climate campaigns we are proud to have produced over the past year. Together with our talented directors, we have worked with the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland to create a series of powerful and important campaigns. From raising awareness around the individual changes we can make to reduce carbon emissions, to promoting the Scottish Government's promise to reach net zero, these varied campaigns remain united by one constant. They seek to shine a light on the threats posed by the climate crisis in order to build awareness on the ways in which we can all unite to combat climate change.

Olivia J. Middleton / Carbon Consumption

Starting off the list is our hot-off-the-press ad 'Carbon Consumption', from one of our newest directors, Olivia J. Middleton. Filmed in August, this piece marks our second outing with The Union and Zero Waste Scotland. This ad uses clever visual messaging created through in-house CGI smoke, to demonstrate the carbon cost of everything we purchase and underline the eternal importance of the mantra: reduce, reuse, recyle. This campaign also directs viewers to the important tools and information available at in order to educate shoppers and alter consumer habits.

Charlie Thorne / Scotland Is Taking Action

Our first climate piece of the year took the form of 'Scotland Is Taking Action', as part of the Scottish Government’s Climate Emergency project. This ad, created with the Leith Agency, is a true visual journey, packed with rich and atmospheric imagery captured in characteristic style by director Charlie Thorne. This campaign also used locations that required minimal to no set design, in order to reduce waste. The message is just as striking, demonstrating the impressive strides Scotland is making in achieving net zero emissions, and its promise to do so by 2045. With COP26 shining a light on the critical importance of reaching net zero emissions by 2050 and keeping 1.5 degrees in site, the Scottish Government's message has never been more poignant.

Christian Bevilacqua & Ruby Law / Greener Climate Emergency

'Greener Climate Emergency', shot entirely in Scotland in March, was our second collaboration with the Scottish Government and the Leith Agency, as part of their Climate Emergency campaign. Directed by MTP's Christian Bevilacqua and Ruby Law, this visually stunning piece showcases Christian's visual effects wizardry and Ruby's detailed production and art design. 'Greener Climate Emergency' powerfully juxtaposes the stark future we face if we do nothing to avert the climate crisis, with the brighter future we can enjoy if we achieve net-zero emissions. Communicating the absolute importance of playing our part in protecting what we love, this campaign promotes Scotland's ongoing mission to reach net zero, at

Christian Bevilacqua & Ruby Law / Your Zero

'Your Zero' went live at the end of October to coincide with the beginning of COP26, marking our third collaboration with the Scottish Government and the Leith Agency this year. The latest addition to their climate emergency campaign, ’Your Zero' showcases the changes we can all make in our daily lives to help make net zero emissions a reality, from driving electric vehicles, to repairing our clothes and insulating our homes. Directed once again by MTP dream duo Christian Bevilacqua and Ruby Law, 'Your Zero' powerfully brings to life Scotland's promise to do net zero through Christian and Ruby's tell-tale visual eye and VFX capabilities. 'Your Zero' was also an important opportunity to practice what we preach. Operating an AdGreen set, we sought minimise carbon output where possible through measures such: as hiring local crew, filming locally in Glasgow, using clothes sourced exclusively from charity shops and opting for vegetarian catering. The many steps we in the industry can take to help make productions greener can be found in our most recent blog and on AdGreen, complete with links to free training and an on-set carbon calculator. Because we can't have net zero, without set zero!

Stuart Elliott / Doorwoman

Our first collaboration with Zero Waste Scotland and The Union looks a little different to our latest offering, 'Carbon Consumption'. 'Doorwoman' capitalises on MTP director Stuart Elliott's comedy chops through clever photography, subtle looks and excellent comic timing, to underline the importance of recycling. 'Doorwoman' promotes Zero Waste Scotland's excellent recycling sorter, a handy digital recycling tool that lists which items can be recycled, and in which bin. One of the simplest steps we can all take in the fight against climate change, made even simpler.

Whilst COP26 is now coming to a finish, our duty to reach net zero emissions doesn't end with the conference. With the Scottish Government implementing nationwide steps to realise net zero by 2045, we must also capitalise on the multiple initiatives and tools available through the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland. Alongside the larger-scale steps taking place throughout Scotland, doing our individual bit has never been more easy, or more crucial.