Post Production at MTP

Did you know MTP is more than just a production company? Of course you did, but for the purposes of this blog post, why not humour us and pretend that you didn’t. MTP is not only the home of a highly experienced production and production service team, it also features state-of-the-art post production facilities which ingest, cut and grade across commercials, TV series, music promos, shorts and features. We’re excited about how rapidly our post capacity is expanding and routinely improve our editorial, colour and finishing services, so here are just a few recent additions to our in-house post capabilities. Brace yourselves, technical jargon abound:

1. 4k HDR Finishing with the Flanders XM310K

      MTP recently upgraded our grade suite with a Flanders XM310K 4k HDR grading monitor, a gold standard Netflix-approved monitoring solution for colour finishing and an essential component in our ability to grade stunning 4000 nit 4k images. Of course there is more to finishing a show in High Dynamic Range than just the hardware, there’s a few different standards like Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and a whole lot of confusing (and sometimes misleading) ideas about the HDR DI process. If you happen to be working on an HDR show that is frying your brain, do get in touch, our neurons are already cooked!

      2. Fully Remote Reviews with the Sohonet Clearview FlexBox

          Can’t be around to review a grade or edit? Our new Clearview Flex solution has been immensely popular with all those who have used it. This unit can send up to a 10-Bit 4:4:4 signal over the internet with under half a second of delay without dropping a frame, allowing up to 20 viewers to watch an uninterrupted, perfectly synced stream of an edit or grade on a phone, tablet, computer or Apple TV. This month, MTP has been using this system to connect producers all over the world for remote reviews of grades on a TV series for Disney and National Geographic. We also used it to remotely connect director Martin Smith with an editor at MTP on our recent commercial for CHAS “Alone”. It went so well that they might as well have been in the same room. Get in touch if you’d like a demo!

          3. Super Fast Rendering with the RTX 3080

          MTP upgraded all of our online and grading suites with the new, notoriously impossible to find RTX 3080 GPUs developed by NVidia. These graphics cards enable extremely rapid rendering and playback capabilities when combined with our powerful AMD CPUs in platforms like Davinci Resolve, Premiere and Avid Media Composer. As well as enabling a completely smooth editorial and grading experience, these cards also make quick work of complicated CG and 2D simulations and renders. Cutting down on render times makes for better work, delivered quicker.

          4. Super Fast Up/Downloads with 1Gb Fibre

          MTP recently invested in a 1000/1000 leased line, enabling the kind of upload and download speeds that high-end post production video demands. If you were to send a 100GB master from home it would take between 5-6 hours. At MTP it’ll take you 17 minutes, nuff said.

          Of course, it’s not all about the gear. Just as our approach to production service is based on our experiences working with our favourite service companies overseas, our brand of post-production is heavily inspired by our favourite boutique post houses in London, New York and LA. There’s a lot that goes into running a post facility and while the tools are important, we place a lot of stock in our house philosophy of building supportive relationships with the producers, directors and DoPs whose imagery we strive to arrange and enhance throughout the process. From the first scrawlings of a treatment right up until the last .mov has been delivered, we’ve got you covered.