Scotland’s Leading TV Commercial and Production Company



MTP has developed its talent over the years through short film production and festival success with our short films playing at Sundance, Venice and Berlin to name but a few, and picking up multiple BAFTA wins and nominations along the way. MTP produced its first feature film in 2015 with Jake Gavin’s ‘Hector’. Starring Peter Mullan, it debuted at Edinburgh International Film Festival and went on to win a BAFTA. In 2017, MTP produced its second feature ‘Freehold’, directed by Dominic Bridges and premiering at SXSW. 

Beyond the work, we are dedicated to working with talented people and nurturing people with talent. We’re all about passionate creatives with big or small ideas and big ambitions. 

We’ve also been working internationally. Scotland is a true location chameleon, with its breathtaking, otherworldly scenery and historic cities. It can act as a green screen for Scandinavia, Canada, New Zealand… you get the picture. And people are taking notice. With a recent US co-production under our belt and other European co-productions in the wings, we’ve been busy working not just with home-grown talent, but welcoming productions from all corners of the globe. 

MTP are excited to hear from anyone with a bright idea. Whether it be the inkling of a screenplay, a fully-fleshed script searching for funding, or an international feature looking to shoot in Scotland. Drop us an email, give us a call and let’s create some movie magic.